Moments make the difference...

Moment Logistics offers flexible healthcare logistics solutions with full control and real-time visibility into every delivery.

Better medical delivery services

With over 100 years of experience in the healthcare space, we know it’s rare to see consistent, exceptional service when it comes to medical deliveries. That’s why we established Moment Logistics as a full-service logistics partner for expert advice, national coverage, and reliable, transparent dispatch management.

Deliver care wherever it’s needed

Moment Logistics offers a range of solutions to meet your requirements, whether you need dedicated, customized solutions or around-the-clock, on-demand (STAT) dispatch. Our team of experts and national network of trusted couriers are here to ensure your medical deliveries always arrive safely, intact, and on-time.

Flexible Courier Systems


Full Service

End-to-end medical courier program design and management, using dedicated or network resources, enabled by leading edge technology.

Great for: Large Enterprise or Multi-Location Clients with high shipment volumes and nuanced service requirements.



Cost-effective medical deliveries, enabled by a flexible workforce and real-time behavioral management tools. (Yeah, ask us about it)

Great for: scheduling on-demand deliveries from point A to point B.


Coming soon

Healthcare logistics, consulting, custom software solutions and program design support, to enhance your current program or revolutionize it!

Great for: creating a distinctive delivery experience for your customers and differentiating your offering from the competition.

Flexibility meets Quality

Curated Courier Solutions

Not all medical deliveries require the same urgency or protocols, but they all deserve the same quality of care. Our range of solutions are designed to meet your needs, from dedicated resources crafted to your specific requirements in a market, to uniform quality, service and visibility for your deliveries around the country, we have the solution for you.

Accountability with Reach

Manage Deliveries in Real-time

Say goodbye to black box deliveries and say hello to your new medical courier management platform. With Moment Logistics, you can review every route, manage every protocol, and track every delivery – all in one place. Our proprietary software helps you drive the outcomes you need with full control and transparency.

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